Obama: Let's Draft Women

Posted: Oct 13, 2008 12:13 PM
Barack Obama wants to require women to register with the Selective Service.  The only reason for such a requirement is to extend the military draft to women.

The radicalism of Barack's position can hardly be overstated.  Since the dawn of time, the mark of civilized societies has  been the commitment to the protection of women and children.  Barack would change all that by making it official national policy to place women in harm's way.

The change's implications for the American family are also breathtaking.  If women were made eligible for the draft, would that include mothers?  How about mothers of young children?  How young?  If both parents were drafted, who would take care of the little ones ("the state"?)?  Or would the parent who was drafted first have to go -- essentially tearing mothers from their children and leaving fathers (who might rather go themselves) home to care for them?

Even if there were an exemption for pregnant women or women with young children, doesn't that open the possibility that those with neither the inclination nor, otherwise, the wish to become mothers would nonetheless start reproducing?  Or, if one parent could go in another's place, would the parents have to be married?  And if not, wouldn't that just open a market in which, effectively, women could simply pay someone else to fulfill their military commitment?

Not only is the idea poorly thought out, it's radical on many, many levels.  And in the end, as with so much liberal social engineering, it's the children who would suffer. 

Welcome to Barack Obama's brave new (leftist) world.