Who Do You Believe: Us or Your Lying Eyes?

Posted: Oct 03, 2008 1:10 PM
The MSM is busy today with "experts" and left-leaning commentators trying to convince Americans that Sarah Palin didn't perform as well as all of us know she did last night.

Good luck to them.  In a real sense, the Palin debate was the moment when the curtain was whisked away from the "Wizard of Media."  What was revealed? A group of left-wing, elitist humbugs who have neither regard nor respect for "real Americans" -- regular people who believe in personal responsibility, right and wrong, and worship God rather than government. 

That's who Sarah Palin is, and with her unpretentious sincerity, her ability to show respect to Joe Biden without knuckling under to him, and her straightforward common sense, she showed that leadership in America needn't be predicated on Ivy League degrees or fancy pontification (contrary to the press bias).

Good luck to the media trying to denigrate her again.  Americans have seen who she is, and what she's made of.  Further attempts to smear her as an ignorant, backwoods hick reveal nothing about Governor Palin -- and the world about those who are so desperate to hold the "regular people" of America at bay.