A Solid McCain Win

Posted: Sep 26, 2008 10:58 PM
Overall, John McCain won tonight's debate.  No, he's not a glib, smooth talker like Barack is.  But his understanding of foreign policy is so second-nature that he actually attains a kind of eloquence and definite intellectual forcefulness  when he discusses it.  He's not exciting -- but he does seem experienced and reassuring.  In times that are anything but, that may end up being a plus. 

In contrast, one gets the feeling that Barack is both blustering, and choosing every word with care when he discusses foreign policy -- something that, to me, indicatesthat he's trying to find a way to dress up policies that aren't exactly in step with the American people (the whole "preconditions" vs. "preparation" dance is a joke).  And again, he seems to have the tiresome Democrat stance of simply criticizing the US, along with its military undertakings.

Repeatedly, Barack ("I've got a bracelet, too!") Obama said words to the effect that "Senator McCain is right" about this, that or the other thing.  Why in the world was he so afraid to do that earlier in the week -- when McCain suspended his campaign to address the market meltdown -- and Barack had the opportunity to seem statesmanlike, rather than callow and self-obsessed?  Is there a little compensation?

As for the whole tax and economic discussion, here's the big takeaway that can't be repeated enough about Barack:  He wants to raise capital gains taxes -- not for revenue -- but to impose a collectivist notion of equality.  He said so.

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