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Show Me the Money!

Yesterday Tony Blankley asked, "[H]ow did honest Obama rise in the famously sordid Chicago political machine with the full support of Boss Daley?" 

Today, a report in the Chicago Sun-Times
offers a little insight on State Senator Obama's SOP.

Back in 2000, Barack announced a $100,000 grant of taxpayer money to a group headed by Kenny Smith, a volunteer for Obama's unsuccessful 2000 congressional race. The money nominally  was to create a botanical garden in -- surprise! -- the district Barack was hoping to represent as a congressman (but not the one he represented at the time).

Now, the money is missing.   What's more, it appears that $65,000 of it went to Mrs. Kenny Smith.  And $20,000 more went to a construction company she owned.

What ever happened to the botanic garden that Barack once said he'd "work tirelessly" to create?   According to the story in the Chicago Sun-Times, "today the garden site is a mess of weeds, chunks of concrete and garbage. The only noticeable improvement is a gazebo." 

And Barack Obama is running for President.

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