Only Ignorant Racists Oppose Barack

Posted: Sep 16, 2008 10:08 PM
Here's the priceless Joe Biden, explaining why some ignorant rubes might not support the Obamessiah:

All this stuff about how different Barack Obama is, they're just not used to somebody really smart. (Cheers, applause.) They're just not used to somebody who's really well educated. They just don't know quite how to handle it. Because if he's as smart as Barack is, he mustn't be from my neighborhood.

Good selling point.  His argument? Those who don't support my running mate are just ignorant and stupid. 

Then there's Jack Cafferty, who effectively calls those support McCain racists:

[T]he polls [in the presidential race] remain close. Doesn't make sense…unless it's race.

What's been most revealing about the growing MSM vituperation is how little understanding and how much contempt the elites have for normal Americans -- people like Sarah Palin -- who don't live in big metropolitan areas, have Ivy League degrees, or enjoy "six degrees of separation" from the self-appointed "important people" in the country.

If someone isn't jumping to elect a young, inexperienced, far-left, out-of-touch first term senator to lead the free world, you know why it is?  Because "you [common] people" are so stupid that you're threatened by his brilliance . . . or you're a bigot.

Keep it up, guys.  That's the argument that'll win over those undecideds.