The Gift of Gaffe

Posted: Sep 11, 2008 5:38 PM
Gaffe-prone Joe  Biden is a gift to talk radio.  What can you say about a veep when a story in the International Herald Tribune -- part of the NY Times company -- notes that, for Biden, "A day on the campaign trail without some cringe-inducing gaffe is a rare blessing"?

Note, however, the amused, tolerant tone of the story. 

Now consider whether the tone would be the same if, say, the other veep candidate had said something along the lines of what Biden did back in 2006, when Biden confessed that he would have been "worried" if his son hadn't been "interested" in a "magnificently attractive, intellectually and physically beautiful young girl" on the Princeton campus? (Oh, and -- irony alert -- he did it on the same day he was decrying the "sophisticated" forms of discrimination in America).

And now consider what it says about Barack's much-vaunted "judgment" that this guy is his #2.