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McCain's Speech

A quick word from DC, where I'll be participating in the Best Friends summit tomorrow . . .

Watching on television, some technical aspects of the speech came off a little strange -- the green screen, the picture of the school in the background, etc. etc.  And certainly McCain is not the orator that Obama is.

But there was something very right, very reassuring about both Senator McCain and the contents of his speech.  It all comes down to "whom do you know?  Whom do you trust?"

Senator McCain told us what he would do.  But just as importantly, he helped Americans understand why he wants to do it.  He's not a "nowhere man," who comes without roots, without context, without friends or associates gathered over the course of a lifetime. 

His speech excelled in providing context -- his context.  And that knowledge and understanding helps build trust with voters.  The contrast with Barack's self-absorption couldn't be clearer.

For Senator McCain, it isn't about him . . . it's about America.  With Barack, it's still not clear who it's about, what it's about and why.


Back to sunny California tomorrow night.

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