Re: Carly Fiorina: Hillary was "Treated with Some Disrespect"

Posted: Aug 26, 2008 4:53 PM
I agree with Ms. Fiorina, Matt -- as I pointed out here on liberalism's Ground Zero, the Huffington Post.  She wasn't entitled to be chosen for vice president, but I believe, as I argued, that "What she did earn was the right to be treated with every courtesy that would have been extended to a similarly-accomplished man."

Given that I've never liked or agreed with Hillary or had much "gender sensitivity" in a way that stereotypical feminists would understand, it's some accomplishment that the Obama campaign's behavior could actually manage to get me feeling a twinge of gender resentment on Hillary's behalf!

Not surprisingly, the lefties at HuffPo have totally drunk the Obama kool-aid.  Amazing how the feminist rules don't apply when it comes to the Clintons, isn't it -- whether they're willing to excuse sexual mistreatment of females by Bill Clinton, or unwilling to recognize what does seem to be a true slight to someone who (as wrongheaded as her views are) did actually accomplish quite a lot in her campaign.

Finally, I'd just note that if it's true that Hillary told Barack not to consider her unless he was "serious" -- and he fell for it -- then he's a naive lamb to the slaughter.  Couldn't he see that this "disrespect" issue was the meme that the Clintonites would put out -- did he really think that Hillary was just going to accept his decision and go gently into the good night?  What was the downside of seeming "serious" about choosing her?

Heaven help us all if he ever sits down with Putin.