White House Wannabe

Posted: Jun 26, 2008 12:43 PM
First it was the faux presidential seal.

Now, TIME's David Von Drehle reveals that Barack's press conference yesterday was a dead-ringer for an East Room press conference.

Here's what I bet is going on:  The Obama campaign is worried that the (bigoted?) American public can't "see" Barack as President.  So they are creating visuals designed to make us "comfortable" with him holding the trappings of presidential power.  (Instead, incidentally, they're just making everyone think they're a leeetle too overconfident about the election's outcome.)

Could it be the same thought process underlying this piece in the LA Times -- purveying the idea that it's all to Hollywood's credit that Barack has succeeded, because the screen images of black Presidents have helped the (otherwise racist, bigoted) American Every[person] envision an African American in The White House?