News Flash: Private Enterprise Works!

Posted: Jun 09, 2008 9:51 AM
The US Senate restaurant(s) were incapably run, losing staggering amounts of money, and had turned a profit in only 7 of the last 44 years.

So what did the Senate do?  It voted to privatize the food services, in order to avoid yet another taxpayer bailout.

Amazing that the Democrats are willing to concede that market forces can outperform government command-and-control when it comes to little things like the Senate restaurant -- but on the big things like health care and social security, they deem sacrosanct the same kind of clueless, overspending big government approach. 

Well, maybe the Democrats will learn a little something from this about free enterprise, if the new provider offers a better product, better service and lower prices.

My one concern? Let's hope that the new food service providers do keep on dishing up the same chocolate cake that the Senate restaurants have been serving for years . . .