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What's Next for Young Conservatives?: NeW National Conference

Powerful conservative young women got the opportunity this past week to hear from award winning authors, policy experts and renowned leaders at the NeW National Conference.


NeW- which stands for Network of enlightened Women, thrives itself on the education of young women with conservative values, cultivating a community to strengthen these values, as well as emboldening young women to speak out on campus and in their communities.

These young woman all rallied together with a strong mission at hand: Constructing an impact on society in an ever diverse and complicated nation.

Such a daunting task as making a lasting impact as a conservative woman in the work place was addressed by a talented panel of women for part of the session. Among these women was Rachel Brand (U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board), Jennifer Butler (State Policy Network) and Heather Pfitzenmaier (The Heritage Foundation). These women addressed something we all can benefit from: building and balancing fulfilling lives in the workplace.

Heather Pfitzenmaier, touched on earning your success-it doesn't just come frivolously. By working diligently and displaying such diligence, leniency will follow in the work place. Pfitzenmaier illustrated an example that as a devoted wife she wanted to follow her husband in his next job move to Michigan. Her boss, seeing her success at the Heritage Foundation trusted her ability to move and become Chair of America’s Future Foundation’s Southeast Michigan chapter.

Jennifer Butler, embodied the passion that many young and hungry millennials have by encouraging a model of the culture that you want. She states, "life is good and aren't we lucky to have choices?"


Her words ring so true. As young woman we are given the opportunity to be fruitful in all of our work. To thrive in the workplace, and to stand out. We are given the opportunity in the to "be deliberate", states Butler. We are given the opportunity to change lives.

Rachel Brand encouraged having substance behind your networking. It's not just getting phone numbers and email addresses. Substance derives from passion and all four women touched on choosing a path that is not prestigious and renowned in its company, but a path that comes from passion and ability to get as much experience as possible.

These successful woman all encouraged that as conservative millennials it is up to us to spread the positive message-to pursue and talk about the visions we wish to complete. Whether it is health care advocacy for all, or education rights, we have the power to change lives and to also find a balance in our own lives.

Townhall's very own Katie Pavlich, was also a speaker at the NeW conference, who advocated these same components for young women in an ever changing world.

Pavlich, a firm advocate for woman's rights was struck by an interesting question from a woman in the audience:

Q. "I read your book "Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women", and I wrote a paper on this assault. This class being a genders study class left my professor angry and handing me my paper back. As a student, how far can I go to challenge my professor?"


A. "You have to listen to your professors. There was one time in college where I actually had to write a paper I disagreed on to get an A."

However, despite the life of a challenged college student, Katie had great advice for young women with a conservative stance in the workplace as well. She stated, "Sometimes being civil is not the path to go to fight back on this war on anti-women," something Pavlich stands firmly for in her book "Assault and Flatter: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women".

She joked that working in Washington D.C. is like dog years, one year is like seven, giving us the opportunity to "set out this time to really invest in work" and form beliefs that you can advocate, something that Pavlich has mastered and is able to pass onto young women who seek to do the same.

The NeW National Conference this year encouraged women intellectually to not only to be conservative advocates on their college campuses, but also in the workplace. In accordance with preparedness, opportunity and drive,the New National Conference showed that a woman has the power to raise her hand and stand strong in the professional world of young conservative difference makers.

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