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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

On Friday, President Joe Biden traveled to the Pfizer plant in Portage, Michigan. From there, President Biden spewed lies about the previous administration's efforts to vaccinate Americans. 


After acknowledging the quick development of effective coronavirus vaccines, Biden alleged the previous administration had no plan when it came to vaccine distribution. 

"Just over four weeks ago, America had no real plan to vaccinate most of the country," Biden claimed. "My predecessor, as my mother would say, failed to order enough vaccines, failed to mobilize the effort to administer the shots, failed to set up vaccine centers. That changed the moment we took office."

As someone who received his second dose of the coronavirus vaccine while President Trump was still in office, Joe Biden should know better. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 10.6 million Americans received a COVID-19 vaccine under the Trump administration. About a million Americans daily were receiving doses of the vaccine when President Biden was inaugurated. So many Americans were getting vaccinated that Joe Biden was called out for his pathetic "goal" of administering 100 million vaccine doses during his administration's first 100 days in office. 

Biden's lies follow those of Vice President Kamala Harris who claimed in a recent interview that the current administration was "starting from scratch" when it comes to vaccine distribution. Harris also lamented that there was no "stockpile" of vaccines when she and Joe took office. 


On the "stockpile" point, how could the Trump administration stockpile recently-approved vaccines that Democrats and public health "experts" doubted would even be in existence by Inauguration Day? Even if the Trump administration could stockpile vaccines, why would they? Isn't the goal to get vaccines into people's arms as soon as possible, not hoard them?

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci has called bs on the "Trump had no plan" talking point. Fauci said the Biden administration is "certainly not starting from scratch" when it comes to vaccinations. 

Again, the only reason we have vaccines to distribute is that the Trump administration pioneered Operation Warp Speed and fast-tracked the development and approval of vaccines and therapeutics for COVID-19. 

It's becoming clear that President Trump did all the heavy lifting. Trump implemented the travel ban on China, fast-tracked therapeutics, developed vaccines, and helped get vaccination numbers up to about a million doses a day. Biden comes along and all the big and important stuff has already been done. Biden so desperately wants credit for doing something, he and his vice president are willing to lie for it.

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