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Dorsey: 'This Is Going to be Much Bigger Than Just One Account'

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

In a new video provided to Project Veritas by an unidentified Twitter employee, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey warns of further censorship following Twitter's recent ban on the president of the United States. 


"We know we are focused on one account right now," Dorsey said, in reference to his company's decision to ban President Trump. "But this is going to be much bigger than just one account and it's going to go on for much longer than just this day, and this week, and the next few weeks and go beyond the inauguration. We have to expect that, and we have to be ready for that." 

Dorsey said he does not believe Twitter's bans are going away anytime soon and cited the company's purge of QAnon accounts as an example of "a much broader approach that we should be looking at and going deeper on."

Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe said more than a dozen people inside Twitter have reached out to Project Veritas this week with video and additional evidence. Project Veritas invites other tech insiders to share evidence of corruption and malfeasance. 

Dorsey's leaked comments fly in the face of sentiments the CEO expressed earlier this week, calling bans "a failure" on part of his company. In a Twitter thread, Dorsey said bans "limited the potential for clarification, redemption, and learning," and set a "dangerous" precedent going forward. 


Leftists may be celebrating the ban on Donald Trump, but few seem genuinely concerned about the unchecked power big tech companies now wield over speech. Following Twitter's ban on the president, big tech companies shut down Parler, a rival social media company.

The American Civil Liberties Union issued a statement, saying, "it should concern everyone when companies like Facebook and Twitter wield the unchecked power to remove people from platforms that have become indispensable for the speech of billions – especially when political realities make those decisions easier."

Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley noted, despite Twitter and other social media networks being private companies, that free speech is a principle that "goes beyond the First Amendment," adding some even consider free speech to be a fundamental "human right."  

Too bad Jack Dorsey doesn't see it that way. 

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