Investigation Into Hunter's Finances Limit Biden's Choice for Attorney General

Posted: Dec 10, 2020 7:10 PM
Investigation Into Hunter's Finances Limit Biden's Choice for Attorney General

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

While the media was suppressing news about Hunter Biden's overseas business deals, federal investigators were combing through his taxes. With the investigation ongoing, Joe Biden's field of potential nominees for attorney general has likely dwindled. 

In a report, the Associated Press acknowledged this reality, saying Biden's pick for attorney general will "now be scrutinized for any perceived loyalty to the president-elect and bias in any probe of his son."  

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In this case, though, there is no perfect outcome for Biden.

A protracted criminal investigation that results in an indictment would be a major distraction and then some as the new president tries to implement his agenda. But if the Justice Department decides against bringing charges, officials will feel pressure to explain their steps and reassure the American public the inquiry was done in a competent and thorough way.

Federal investigators served a round of subpoenas on Tuesday, including to Hunter Biden, according to a person familiar with the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing probe.

The federal investigation, centering on potential tax crimes, had been going on at least a year before Biden announced his 2020 candidacy. Investigators did not reach out in the weeks prior to voting because of a department policy surrounding elections that prohibits overt investigative acts.

A number of Republicans have called for a special counsel investigation into Hunter Biden's foreign business dealings over allegations of corruption.

On Thursday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) raised concerns about the Hunter Biden investigation being impacted by a Joe Biden presidency.

"These investigations span multiple jurisdictions. If Joe Biden becomes president, then all of those prosecutors are in line to be fired next month," Cotton told Fox News. "If there were ever circumstances that created a conflict of interest, and called for a special counsel, I think those circumstances are present here."

On Wednesday, the presidential transition team for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris revealed that Hunter Biden's taxes are the subject of a federal investigation. The former vice president’s son said he only learned about the investigation on Wednesday.