WATCH: Warnock Says 'America Needs to Repent for Its Worship of Whiteness'

Posted: Nov 14, 2020 3:00 PM
WATCH: Warnock Says 'America Needs to Repent for Its Worship of Whiteness'

Source: John Roark/Athens Banner-Herald via AP

Raphael Warnock, the Democratic Senate candidate who will face off against GOP incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler in Georgia's upcoming runoff election, once decried America for its "worship of whiteness" and said the country must repent for President Donald Trump. The comments were made during an address before Atlanta's Candler School of Theology in 2016, The Washington Free Beacon first reported. 

"If it is true that a man who has dominated the news and poisoned the discussion for months needs to repent, then it is doubly true that a nation that can produce such a man and make his vitriol go viral needs to repent," said Warnock. "No matter what happens next month, more than a third of the nation that would go along with this, is reason to be afraid. America needs to repent for its worship of whiteness, on full display this season."

The Warnock campaign did not respond to The Washington Free Beacon's request for comment. 

In other uncovered footage, Warnock referred to law enforcement officers as "bullies," "thugs" and "gangsters." Warnock also defended controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright, known for his "God Damn America" speech, and worked at a church that hosted the communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. 

Earlier this week, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted the liberal media for not asking questions of Warnock over his 2002 arrest for obstructing a child abuse investigation at this church. 

Democrat Jon Ossoff, the other Georgia senate candidate up against GOP incumbent Sen. David Perdue, made similar remarks about beating Trump supporters so badly they could never "show your face again in public." 

"Despite a phony call for unity, Warnock and Ossoff are two of the most divisive candidates to ever seek the U.S. Senate," said National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson Nathan Brand. "For them, it is not about serving Georgia, but rather advancing the radical socialist agenda of Pelosi and Schumer while silencing all opposition."

Georgia's runoff election will take place on Jan. 5th.

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