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Watch: Dem Senate Candidate in Georgia Referred to Police as 'Gangsters,' 'Thugs,' and 'Bullies'

AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Vino Wong

New footage revealed on Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ shows the Democrats’ nominee in one of the Georgia senate contests referring to law enforcement officers as “gangsters,” thugs” and “bullies.” Raphael Warnock is running to unseat incumbent GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler in the crowded “jungle primary” that will conclude with a runoff election in January.

Sen. Loeffler blasted Warnock’s “anti-police sentiments” as “villainizing” law enforcement:

"For months, Democrats have fueled the anti-police sentiment in this country – villainizing our police officers, attempting to defund our police departments, and organizing anti-police rallies in our streets. But for years, Raphael Warnock has railed against the police from his pulpit – calling them gangsters and thugs, claiming they endanger our children, and dismissing them as bullies on the street,” Senator Loeffler said in a release. “It’s anti-cop radicals like Raphael Warnock who are turning our police officers into targets and inciting violence across our country...In my state, we will always back our police officers. And in my race, I won't stand for Raphael Warnock provoking violence against our heroes on the frontlines."

While Warnock piles onto the anti-police movement, Sen. Loeffler backs legislation that would increase penalties for individuals who deliberately target law enforcement officers with violence, and supports giving the death penalty to those who murder police officers.

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