Trump Worries Gov. Cuomo Will Prevent New Yorkers From Receiving Vaccine

Posted: Nov 13, 2020 5:45 PM
Trump Worries Gov. Cuomo Will Prevent New Yorkers From Receiving Vaccine

Source: Kevin P. Coughlin/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) has repeatedly sowed doubts over the safety and efficacy of a vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus. A vaccine that has proved safe and effective under study has now been produced by Pfizer, and President Trump and his administration have been working diligently to prepare for the distribution of the vaccine as soon as it's ready. Updating the American people on Friday, President Trump said the vaccine will be available soon for all Americans except those living in New York, where authorization from Gov. Cuomo will first be needed. 

"As soon as April, the vaccine will be available to the entire general population with the exception of places like New York State, where for political reasons the governor decided ... he wants to take his time on the vaccine. He doesn't trust where the vaccine is coming from," Trump said.

The president said that while the vaccine is coming from the greatest companies and laboratories in the world, the governor doesn't trust the fact that the vaccine was developed while President Trump was in office. 

"So we won't be delivering [the vaccine] to New York until we have authorization to do so, and that pains me to say that," Trump continued. "This is a very successful, amazing vaccine at 90 percent and more. So Governor Cuomo will have to let us know when he's ready for it. Otherwise, we can't be delivering it to a state that won't be giving it to its people immediately. And I know the people of New York and I know they want it, so the governor will let us know when he's ready." 

Unfortunately, the vaccine will arrive too late for the victims of Gov. Cuomo's ill-conceived nursing home policy whereby infected patients were sent to live with vulnerable seniors.