Thursday’s Debate Topics Appear to Be Geared Toward Democrats

Posted: Oct 21, 2020 5:15 PM
Thursday’s Debate Topics Appear to Be Geared Toward Democrats

Source: AP Photo/Julio Cortez

On Monday, the Commission on Presidential Debates further revealed its partisanship by scrapping the debate's agreed-upon foreign policy focus. Instead of foreign policy, an area where the Trump administration can tout a large number of important successes, debate topics now include the fight against the Wuhan coronavirus, race in America, national security, leadership, and climate change. To make the debate even more unfair for President Trump, Democrat activist Kristen Welker was tapped as the moderator. What a joke. 

For starters, recent polling shows voters do not even consider climate change to be a top issue. But nevermind what voters care about. Liberals in the media have decided climate change and race in America are the areas to focus on in the final showdown between President Trump and Joe Biden. 

"According to an August 6 Gallup Poll, only 1 percent of those surveyed identified climate change as the most important issue for this election," Breitbart's Penny Starr writes. "A September 16 University of Southern California Poll showed only 4 percent of voters said climate change was the key issue that would guide their vote. In an October Gallup Poll, climate change ranked 11th out of 16 key issues for voters."

Interestingly, the new topics chosen by the Commission on Presidential Debates are the ones Gallup found Democrat voters care about the most. What a coincidence. Meanwhile, the topics that Gallup found Republican voters care about -- foreign affairs, the economy, and crime -- didn't make the cut. Of course not. And the topics of the coronavirus and race in America were already covered in the first presidential debate. 

Overall, Gallup found the economy to be the most important issue impacting voters' choice for president. And Trump wins that issue hands down, which is probably why it's not a debate topic and probably why the partisan moderator will cut Trump's microphone when he tries talking about it.