Trump: Biden Sent Jobs Overseas and Brought Millions Back for His Family

Posted: Oct 21, 2020 9:15 PM
Trump: Biden Sent Jobs Overseas and Brought Millions Back for His Family

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

At a rally in Gastonia, North Carolina on Wednesday, President Trump knocked Joe Biden for sending American jobs overseas as foreigners gave millions to the Biden family. 

"[Biden] let communist China plunder your jobs while his family raked in millions from China and foreign nations," Trump told the large crowd. 

At the heart of the Hunter Biden email revelations is the damning truth that Joe Biden used his long political career to enrich himself and his family while sending American jobs overseas. It's a devastating fact about Joe Biden, and Big Tech and the media are falling on the sword to protect their candidate. 

Trump also warned that American jobs will continue to be outsourced under Biden's plan to raise taxes.

"They're going to raise your taxes by $4 trillion, triggering a mass exodus of jobs out of America into foreign countries," the president said. "Do you know how many jobs I brought in? I brought in jobs that were just stifled because our taxes were so crazy. The Biden tax hikes will wipe out up to another quarter of the small business income and 25 percent of all U.S. investment -- your stocks, your 401(k)s and pensions will be demolished -- you'll go into a depression, the likes you haven't seen since 1929."

As vice president, Joe Biden presided over the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression.

President Trump also warned voters that Biden is promising mass amnesty and free federal health care for illegal immigrants. 

"I will always protect your medicare and your social security," said Trump. 

Trump is promising a second term of putting Americans first. Biden is promising four years in his already long political career that Biden spent sending U.S. jobs overseas and enriching himself and his family. 

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