Supercut: Media Used Same White Supremacy Tactic to Defame Trump in 2016

Posted: Oct 01, 2020 1:55 PM
Supercut: Media Used Same White Supremacy Tactic to Defame Trump in 2016

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The media is a one-trick pony whose only skill is to help Democrats advance a false narrative. On Wednesday, the Associated Press issued new guidance for reporters to stop using the word "riot" and to avoid focusing on violence and property destruction at leftwing uprisings. The press doesn't see their job as reporters of the news. They see their job as advancing the left-wing narrative. That's why, after months of leftist violence committed by Black Lives Matter radicals and Antifa loons, the press is demanding President Trump disavowal "white supremacy" for the umpteenth time. 

It's the same trick the media pulled in 2016 against President Trump. One America News Network compiled clips of liberal media reporters asking Trump to denounce these elusive white supremacists and the president repeatedly and forcefully doing so. Take a look. 

One would expect Joe Biden to downplay the leftist violence and gaslight the American people into blaming President Trump for the left's chaos. Biden is a career politician and career politicians tell lots of lies. But the media is simply campaigning for Joe Biden and the Democrats by actively defaming the president. The media does this every year. They are a total joke and a threat to the free nation.

When Al-Qaeda leader and mastermind of the September 11th terrorist attacks Osama Bin Laden was killed in a U.S. raid -- a raid that then-Vice President Joe Biden opposed -- plans were found at the terrorist's compound revealing a Bin Laden plot to assassinate then-President Barack Obama. Even Bin Laden could see that Joe Biden is "totally unprepared" to become president and that killing Obama would make Biden president and plunge the United States "into a crisis." 

Will the media ask Biden to condemn the late Osama Bin Laden's support for his presidency and disavowal Islamic extremism every day for the rest of the election? It would only be fair.