WATCH: Media Lectures About Constitutional Duty to Fill SCOTUS Vacancy ... in 2016

Posted: Sep 24, 2020 8:30 PM
WATCH: Media Lectures About Constitutional Duty to Fill SCOTUS Vacancy ... in 2016

Source: Photo by Christopher Smith/Invision/AP

In case you needed more proof of liberal media bias, the Media Research Center has compiled some real damning statements made by members of the press in 2016 lecturing Americans on the constitutional obligation for a president to appoint a Supreme Court nominee and for the Senate to confirm the nominee even during an election year. 

"The Constitution makes clear," NBC Today show host Savannah Guthrie lectured Jeb Bush, "the president nominates, the Senate advises and consents. It doesn't say, 'except not in an election year.'" '

"It would be rare for the Senate to turn the president down in an election year," said CBS's Scott Pelley.

CBS then did a segment on the history of Supreme Court nominees during an election year, finding that 17 presidents, including five in the 20th century, successfully filled vacancies on the Supreme Court during an election year. My guess is CBS forgot to tell viewers in 2016 -- when Obama was trying to put Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court and Republicans controlled the Senate -- that no president since the 1880s has filled a Supreme Court vacancy during an election year when the opposite-party held the Senate.

Ignoring history, most reporters just looked to see who was in the White House in 2016, saw it was someone they liked, and demanded the GOP-Senate rubber stamp Obama's nominee.  

"I thought the American people decided to put President Obama in the White House and that the Constitution says, 'now the president decides what name to send to them and they decide whether to vote yes or no,'" said actor and MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell. 

The compilation exposes a lot of other reporters for the Democrat shills that they are. Well worth the watch. 

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Democrats still haven't accepted the results of the 2016 election. Voters gave Republicans control of the White House and the Senate in large part to ensure that radical left-wing judges don't find their way on to the Supreme Court. If Democrats were in control, they probably would have already filled the current vacancy with that crazy judge presiding over the Michael Flynn case.