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Democrats Won't Like Tulsi's Stance on Ballot Harvesting

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

On the same day Democrats scored a legal victory in Michigan, allowing Democrats to harvest ballots in the runup to the election, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) spoke out against the practice. 


"Banning ballot harvesting is not a partisan issue," Gabbard tweeted on Friday. 

It shouldn't be a partisan issue, but it is. Democrats have politicized the coronavirus to call for ballot harvesting in the November election. Ballot harvesting involves the use of so-called third parties who go around town collecting ballots and then drop the ballots off en masse at the local election office. Imagine leftist thugs bullying voters to cast their ballots the "appropriate" way and the opportunity for Democrats to engage in massive voter fraud. No wonder Democrats are pursuing ballot harvesting as a way to win in November. 

Like so many of the underhanded things Democrats pursue, Tusli Gabbard didn't get the memo. The former Democratic presidential candidate has introduced the Election Fraud Prevention Act with GOP Congressman Rodney Davis (R-IL) to help end the unfair practice of ballot harvesting that threatens the integrity of our elections. 

"Our bipartisan bill protects the chain of custody for every one of our ballots by prohibiting funding from going to states that allow this practice of ballot harvesting to occur," Gabbard said in a video shared to Twitter on Friday. "This bill will actually encourage states to stop this practice that's ripe for fraud and that poses a serious threat to the integrity of our elections. 


"No one should get in between a voter and the ballot box," Gabbard said. 

Ballot harvesting is allowed in California, and about a dozen other states currently have no limits on who may collect and drop off ballots. 

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