Another Public School Distributed BLM Handout Comparing Law Enforcement to Slave Owners, the KKK

Posted: Sep 13, 2020 8:15 PM
Another Public School Distributed BLM Handout Comparing Law Enforcement to Slave Owners, the KKK

Source: AP Photo/Adrian Kraus

The left's not very original. Anything they don't like is either Hitler or the KKK: ICE, Republicans, cops, the founding fathers -- you name it. So it's no surprise that a public school teacher in Westlake, New York kicked off the first day of class by distributing a handout on the Black Lives Matter movement that compares cops and sheriff's deputies to klansmen and slave owners. 

The disgusting propaganda featured a five-frame cartoon panel that began with a depiction of a slave owner placing his knees on the back of a shackled slave, The New York Post reported. As the frames progress, the slave owner is replaced by a member of the KKK and then, finally, a sheriff's deputy and a police officer. 

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“My daughter showed me the paper. I said, `What is this?! You’ve got to be kidding me!’ ” said Westlake mom Ania Paternostro. “This cartoon compares the police to the KKK. It’s an attack on the police.”

The mother said she immediately fired off letters of protest to Mount Pleasant School District Superintendent Kurt Kotes and Westlake Principal Keith Schenker, whose school is in the district.

“Enough is enough,” Paternostro told The Post.

“This cartoon is disturbing. We have to respect the men in blue who protect us,” added the mom of two, a native of Poland.

“We don’t need a teacher brainwashing my kids. I’ll teach my kids about what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Her daughter Nicole said she was troubled by Moreno’s lesson plan because she considered it one-sided and anti-police, too.

“The cartoon was disgusting,’’ the teen said. “It compared the police with all the terrible people in history. It was not fair. It wasn’t right.’’

Nicole said she has been bullied on social media over the past few days and called a racist for blowing the whistle on the controversial lesson plan.

Mount Pleasant School District Superintendent Kurt Kotes has promised a "thorough investigation" of the incident.  

Local law enforcement is understandably not very happy about the lesson plan, and Republican Rob Astorino, a candidate for state senate in the district, told The Post, "Our schools should be a place for the open exchange of ideas, not political indoctrination. The false narratives and brainwashing has to stop."

The same cartoon was reportedly distributed to eighth-graders in Texas weeks earlier. 

Media Gone Wild (Over Trump!)
Ann Coulter

The first step in condoning violence against one's enemies is to dehumanize and demonize your opponents, thus the constant comparisons to the KKK and Hitler. And the left's anti-cop rhetoric appears to be working. Two Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies were ambushed in their patrol vehicle on Saturday when an unidentified man walked up and fired his weapon into the car. As one of the injured deputies crawled out of the vehicle, rioters chanted "no justice no peace" and laughed at the critically injured deputies. The BLM rioters then followed the deputies to the hospital where they blocked the entrance to the emergency room and wished death to the two injured deputies. 

In June, a public school teacher in Pawtucket, Rhode Island was arrested in connection with the vandalism of a Christopher Columbus statue.  

Maybe closing the public schools over the coronavirus wasn't the worst idea.