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Two LA Sheriff's Deputies Were Taken to the Hospital for Gunshot Wounds. BLM Responds By Rushing the Scene.

Two Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies were sitting in their patrol car in Compton on Saturday night when they were ambushed and shot at pointblank range. Surveillance video shows the two officers did nothing to deserve the ambush and it came on without warning or provocation. 


When the two deputies – a 31-year-old mother of a 6 six-year-old and a 24-year-old male – were rushed to the hospital, rioters showed up outside of the emergency room. Rioters shouted, "We hope they die!" 

The LA County Sheriffs Department had to take to Twitter to remind people not to block the emergency room entries and exits because it prohibits citizens from receiving medical treatment, especially if they're being transported by ambulance.


One rioter at the event referred to the two deputies as "members of America's most notorious gang."

When the group approached the hospital, they were told to leave. The rioters thought they automatically had access to the hospital, which police reminded them was private property. They were so determined to get inside they suddenly changed their tune, saying they were needing medical treatment.


Rioters yelled at the police saying, "That's why you're dying one by one."

To make matters even worse, sheriffs struggled to arrest one of the rioters. A woman got involved in the tussle and was later identified as NPR's Josie Huang.


A Chaplin recounted what he saw. Rioters were chanting, "Death to the police" and "Kill the police."

"They were using all kinds of curse words and derogatory terms about the police, just provoking our police officers," he explained. "Unacceptable behavior because the hospital should be a sanctuary, you know. We should leave hospitals alone."

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