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Taxpayers have been paying for government employee training programs that spread left-wing racism and neo-Marxist conspiracy theories about white supremacy and the so-called problems of white culture. The hateful ideas are collectively known as critical race theory and its tenets have helped fuel much of the violence currently playing out in American cities. 


Democrats have embraced the dangerous ideology, which is part of the reason their cities are being torn apart by angry leftists. The 60s radicals took refuge in academia and their poisonous anti-American beliefs have permeated the federal government. The academia to government pipeline has stocked the federal bureaucracy with "diversity trainers" and race consultants who are paid by the taxpayer to inculcate federal employees in toxic neo-Marxist garbage. 

Trump has had enough of it. The president directed the Office of Management and Budget Director, Russ Vought, to bring the left-wing sickness of the federal bureaucracy to an immediate end.

"It has come to the President's attention that Executive Branch agencies have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to date 'training' government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda," begins Vought's White House memo to the department and agency heads of the executive branch. 

"These types of 'trainings' not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the Federal workforce," the letter continues. "We can be proud that as an employer, the Federal government has employees of all races, ethnicities, and religions. ... However, we cannot accept our employees receiving training that seeks to undercut our core values as Americans and drive division within our workforce."


The termination of critical race theory represents a huge victory for all Americans, but the credit goes in large part to Chris Rufo, whose research into critical race theory has exposed some of the toxic propaganda our federal employees were subjected to for years. Rufo also received a little help from Fox News' Tucker Carlson, who invited Rufo on his program earlier this week to discuss his findings. 

"I think that it's something that he has denounced, this kind of Black Lives Matter and neo-Marxist rhetoric in places like Portland and Seattle, but it's time to take action and destroy it within his own administration," Rufo encouraged the president earlier this week.

According to Rufo, critical race theory has pervaded every institution in the federal government and is being weaponized against Americans. Rufo cited the example of the Treasury Department hiring a diversity trainer who lectured Treasury employees that the U.S. is a fundamentally racist country and that racism is upheld by white people. He also pointed to a nuclear laboratory that sent its white male executives to a training seminar to write letters to women and people of color apologizing for their transgressions. 

There are also countless examples of critical race theory at play within the federal government that have made national headlines, such as NASA's renaming of "politically incorrect" celestial objects and the Smithsonian's National Museum for African American History and Culture creating an exhibit on "Whiteness." The exhibit "educated" visitors on the so-called signs of white supremacy, which included things like the nuclear family, property rights, politeness, and a strong work ethic.  


Sick anti-white conspiracy theories are simply evil and should have no place in this country. Goodyear Tires should follow the president's lead. 

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