New Poll Shows Presidential Race Tightening After RNC Convention

Posted: Aug 29, 2020 2:30 PM
New Poll Shows Presidential Race Tightening After RNC Convention

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

For those who still have faith in polls during the Trump era, a new Morning Consult poll shows the president cutting his national deficit against Democratic nominee Joe Biden by nearly half following the Republican National Convention. 

Before the RNC convention this week, Morning Consult showed the president trailing Biden among likely voters, 42 percent to Biden's 52 percent. But the day after the convention, Biden's lead had shrunk to 50 percent while the president's share increased to 44 percent. 

The Morning Consult poll asked 4,035 likely voters on Friday, the day after the convention, which candidate they would choose to be president. According to Morning Consult, the poll had a 2-point margin of error compared to a 1-point margin of error for the 4,810 likely voters polled on Aug. 23, the day the RNC convention officially began. 

Trump's 10-point deficit in the national poll is now only a 6-point deficit thanks to an RNC convention that distinguished Joe Biden and the Democrats, the people of rioting and socialism, from President Trump and the Republican Party, the people of law and order and a strong American economy. It probably didn't help the Democrats that a leftist mob decided to attack Sen. Rand Paul and his wife as they left Trump's speech on day four of the convention. 

The new poll also shows President Trump cutting into Biden's lead among suburban voters. Biden, who enjoyed a 14-point lead going into the convention, had only an eight-point lead with suburban voters following the RNC gathering. The president also expanded his lead over Biden among white voters, with the president at 51 percent on Friday and Biden at 43 percent. Previously, the president held only a 2-point lead over Biden among white voters. 

Biden's favorability also fell post-convention. The former vice president, who enjoyed a record-high favorability of 51 percent, was down to 49 percent on Friday, and Biden's unfavorability rating also increased one point to 47 percent. 

It's good news for President Trump and the hardworking people at the RNC who put together a compelling convention that seemingly went off without a hitch. The RNC convention focused on the administration's myriad accomplishments, and the convention's emphasis on law and order appears to have resonated well with suburban voters. 

When the RNC convention is carried live on networks whose content is otherwise hostile to President Trump and the Republican Party – like MSNBC and CNN – t's hard not to imagine that a number of likely voters receive their first undistorted look at President Trump and the Republican Party. The boost Trump enjoyed from millions of Americans tuning into the convention is a boost the Trump campaign will surely hope to repeat in the upcoming presidential debates. And that's probably why Nancy Pelosi and a number of other Democrats are calling for Joe Biden to back out of them.