WATCH: Dems Unglued After Jordan Grills Big Tech for Censoring Conservatives

Posted: Jul 29, 2020 6:30 PM
WATCH: Dems Unglued After Jordan Grills Big Tech for Censoring Conservatives

Source: Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Photo via AP

The CEOs of the Big Tech companies, which have a long history of silencing conservatives, appeared before Congress on Wednesday. The heads of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple were there to address concerns about anti-trust violations, but the far more important subject of free speech was on the mind of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). After detailing the long history of Google and other Big Tech companies censoring conservatives, Jordan demanded that Google CEO Sundar Pichai state on the record whether or not the search engine giant would be attempting to influence the upcoming election in favor of Joe Biden and his Democratic ilk. Pichai claimed that Google would conduct itself in "a neutral way" like the company "always" has, which wasn't very reassuring. 

Rep. Jordan reminded everybody about the well-documented history of Google censoring conservatives. Jordan brought up Google's recent removal of the homepages of Breitbart and the Daily Caller from its search engine. Jordan said traffic to Breitbart is down 99 percent as a result of Google's censorship. Google handles over 90 percent of all internet searches performed worldwide. Jordan also recalled Google's recent threat to demonetize and ban The Federalist. 

After Rep. Jordan yielded back his time, Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) attempted to dismiss Jordan's concerns, telling the CEOs that she would like to redirect the conversation back "to anti-trust law rather than fringe conspiracy theories." When Jordan responded to the charge, Democrats on the committee began to shriek in their own attempt to silence a conservative. 

"Mr. Jordan, you don't have the time," shouted Committee Chairman David Cicilline (D-RI).

"Put your mask on," Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) stated repeatedly. 

Jordan clearly hit a nerve. 

And Google isn't the only company with a long history of censoring conservatives. Jordan reminisced about Amazon banning President Trump's account on Twitch after the president raised concerns about defunding police. Jordan also recalled the time Amazon banned a conservative book that was critical of the coronavirus lockdowns, and how the company has prohibited charitable giving through Amazon Smile to conservative organizations like the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defense Fund. 

Jordan also took Facebook to task for removing a post from President Trump's re-election campaign and banning an advertisement from a pro-life organization. Former Facebook employees, Jordan recalled, even admitted in 2016 that Facebook routinely suppresses conservative views. 

Jordan also called out Twitter, whose CEO was invited to the hearing but declined the invitation, for the time Jack Dorsey admitted to shadow-banning four congressmen, all who just so happened to be Republican.

Democrats could never win without the media and Big Tech doing their bidding.