Whomp, Whomp: Rioters Fail to Topple Emancipation Statue in D.C.

Posted: Jun 25, 2020 8:45 PM

In Washington, D.C., leftists have set their sights on the Emancipation Statue, which is baffling because the statue memorializes the abolition of slavery in the United States. The statue depicts President Lincoln holding a copy of his Emancipation Proclamation as he symbolically frees a slave, shackled and knelt before him. According to the National Park Service, the funds for the 1876 statue came primarily from freed slaves and African American Union veterans. But today's leftists have decided that the freed slaves built a racist statue because the slave depicted in the statue is kneeling before the white president, which suggests "black people are inferior to white people," as one protester told Townhall's Julio Rosas. So that's why protesters want police to kneel down before them.

Julio was at the statue on Tuesday when protesters gathered and announced their intentions to vandalize the memorial. A speaker told the angry mob that the memorial was on "stolen land" and warned white people that "we gonna make sure we get what's owed to us." The mob promised to come back two days later and tear down the statue. 

Fast forward to Thursday. Since the protesters made their intentions clear, law enforcement had plenty of time to build a wall around the statue. 

Discouraged, only a small number of leftists showed up to commit vandalism on Thursday. The vandals plan to try again on Friday; attention law enforcement. 

President Trump announced a forthcoming executive order that he says will bolster existing laws and punishments to target "hoodlums and these anarchists and agitators" who threaten federal monuments. Katie reported on Wednesday that as many as 400 National Guard troops were headed back to D.C. at the request of Interior Secretary David Bernhardt.