Millions Watch Trump Campaign Kickoff Rally in Tulsa

Posted: Jun 20, 2020 11:25 PM
Millions Watch Trump Campaign Kickoff Rally in Tulsa

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Trump kicked off his re-election campaign on Saturday with a packed arena in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The president let loose on Joe Biden, the left-wing mob, and some of the more recent lies spouted by the liberal media.  

"When the chips are down, Biden will always cave to the radical left. He'll always bow to the angry mob, and he will never protect you or your family," the president said. "Joe Biden will always let you down." 

The president called Biden a "shameless hypocrite" who "has delivered fawning eulogies ... of three leading supporters of segregation, including a former member of the Ku Klux Klan." The president said "Biden is now smearing as 'racist' tens of millions of ... Americans who he's never met" and said "America should not take lectures on racial justice from Joe Biden, sleepy Joe."

The media tried to make an issue out of the president's physical health based on how he descended a ramp following a recent speech at West Point. Trump ruined the media's credibility, as if they had any, by recounting the hilarious story about his experience at West Point. 

Trump also took some time to correct a liberal media lie suggesting the president may have Parkinson's disease based on how the president took a sip of water. 

The president derided the "unhinged left-wing mob" that is "trying to vandalize our history, desecrate our monuments, tear down our statues" and cancel those who don't give in to the mob's demands. 

"We're not conforming," Trump said. "That's why we're here, actually." 

Following the rally, the Trump campaign announced that over 4 million people tuned in for the rally across all of the campaign's digital media channels. The number doesn't even include television viewership.

"These numbers represent unmatched enthusiasm behind the President's re-election and a massive audience That Joe Biden can only dream of," said Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director.

The president and vice president had planned to deliver additional remarks to supporters who gathered outside the arena, but left-wing rioters forced the campaign to scrap outdoor speeches.  

Biden delivered a lethargic speech earlier this week in Darby, Pennsylvania. Biden's ramblings have raised legitimate concerns about what many characterize as a rapid decline in Biden's mental faculties. 

A recent poll found that 55 percent of likely voters believe Biden is in the early stage of dementia.