NBA Player Beats Up Rioter Who Vandalized His Vehicle

Posted: May 31, 2020 8:15 PM
NBA Player Beats Up Rioter Who Vandalized His Vehicle

Source: AP Photo/Tony Dejak

(Warning: Strong Language)

J.R. Smith participated in the George Floyd protests that took place in Los Angeles on Sunday. But the former NBA player lost his cool when one rioter vandalized his vehicle. 

A video surfaced reportedly showing Smith, who weighs 225 lbs and towers at 6'6", beating a much smaller guy who reportedly smashed a truck window belonging to the former Cleveland Cavalier. 

In an expletive-laced video, Smith defended his attack on the guy who vandalized his vehicle. 

“One of these little motherf****** white boys didn’t know where he was going, and broke my fu***** window in my truck, broke my sh** . . ."

Smith posted his video before footage of the incident circulated. 

"So when the footage come out and ya’ll see it, I chased him down and whooped his a**. He broke my window. This ain’t no hate crime. I ain’t got no problem with nobody who ain’t got no problem with me."

Rioters have wantonly destroyed and vandalized the personal property of others, including that of minorities. 

"There’s a problem with the motherf****** system. That’s it," Smith added. "The motherf***** broke my window, and I whooped his a**. He didn’t know who window he broke, and he got his a** whooped."

Rioters aren't exactly running the title on personal property before vandalizing it. Minority residents and business owners are among those impacted the most by the devastation and destruction left in the wake of the ongoing riots.