Public School 'History' Lesson Compares Trump to Soviets, Nazis

Posted: Feb 23, 2020 8:15 PM
Public School 'History' Lesson Compares Trump to Soviets, Nazis

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Taxpayers in Maryland are funding anti-Trump history lessons that compare the president to the Soviets and Nazis. An unidentified teacher(s) inserted the propaganda into a slide show used in an advanced placement history class at Loch Raven High School in the city of Towson, according to the Associated Press. 

A slide depicts President Trump above pictures of the Soviet Union flag and the Nazi Swastika. The slide captions read, "wants to round up a group of people and build a giant wall" and "oh, THAT is why it sounds so familiar!."

(Via the AP

The Baltimore Sun reports that state Del. Kathy Szeliga arranged for copies of the slide and the school system’s response to be sent to her fellow Baltimore County lawmaker. She also posted the image on Facebook.

“It is horrific. It is educational malfeasance,” Szeliga said Friday at a meeting of the county’s delegation.

Baltimore County Councilman Wade Kach called it “a piece of propaganda” that didn’t belong in a classroom.

The school system said the slide was not part of the resources it provides for AP history teachers.

Charles Herndon, a spokesman for Baltimore County schools, said students in advanced high school classes are “discerning, intelligent students who are going to be able to draw their own inferences and draw their own conclusions.”

“The topics being discussed in the class included World Wars and the attempts by some leaders throughout history to limit or prevent migration into certain countries. In isolation and out of context with the lesson, the image could be misunderstood,” the school district said in a statement.

The school system said the issue had become a personnel matter “which will be appropriately addressed by the school administration and is not subject to further clarification.”

The only thing "advanced" about this class is the instructor’s Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If students are capable of drawing "their own conclusions," as the public school official spokesman suggests, then why not just teach students the historical facts? For example, maybe students should know the Nazi Party, or the National Socialist German Workers' Party, were big government socialists. But I guess then the students might conclude the Nazis and Soviets have more in common with the modern left than with President Trump. 

Bernie Sanders, the current front-runner in the Democratic presidential race, is a big-government socialist who has called for a revolution in the United States. Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union and referred to breadlines of starving people as "a good thing." 

But you know, orange man bad.