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AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

The 1995 film "Clueless" starred Alicia Silverstone as a rich, self-absorbed, dumb, out-of-touch snob focused on comically unimportant endeavors. Well, the sequel stars Gavin Newsom and is currently playing in the theatre known as the California State Capitol.

Newsom plans on spending billions of taxpayer dollars giving health care to illegal aliens, extending tax exemptions on diapers and tampons, increasing welfare spending, installing more electric vehicle charging stations, shutting down private prisons, expanding rehabilitation and reentry programs and creating a campus-style environment for certain inmates, and throwing more money at California's failed public education system. 

“This homeless issue is out of control," Newsom previously admitted during an interview. "This homeless issue, like the housing issue, is a crisis. It is a stain on the state of California. This homeless issue is, rightfully, top of mind for people all across the state." 

But the all too real crisis of homelessness receives only one-twelfth the funding as the so-called climate crisis would under Newsom's proposed budget. But rest assured, illegal aliens breaking into this country will receive free healthcare. 

California's governor is in denial about the real problems facing California and completely clueless about how to go about solving them. Newsom touted his proposed budget as a statement of values, but just whose values is the million dollar question, or the $222 billion dollar question in this case.  


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