In Schiff's World, Coordinating With the Whistleblower Doesn't Make Him a 'Fact Witness'

Posted: Dec 15, 2019 5:55 PM

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff told Fox News' Chris Wallace that he is not a fact witness in the ongoing impeachment against President Trump who should be called upon in the Senate to testify.

"Well the fact that the whistleblower had contact with my staff, doesn't make me a fact witness," Schiff said. "Nor does it make the speaker a fact witness. This isn't about fact witnesses."

Schiff is correct inasmuch as the whistleblower himself – or herself, if we're still pretending we don't know who the whistleblower is – is not a fact witness. The whistleblower just slapped together a bunch of second and third-hand information they found and then asked Adam Schiff what to do with it. 

Many of the so-called witnesses we've heard from weren't even fact witnesses themselves, so for Schiff to start applying standards on witnesses now is a little rich.

"There are, in fact, members of Congress who are witnesses," Schiff continued. "Senator Johnson had a discussion with the president. Senator Graham had discussions with the president about the withholding of aid. They may be fact witnesses. We didn't seek to call them. We're not seeking to make a circus out of this."

Schiff and the Democrats haven't already made a circus out of this? Schiff kicked off impeachment by lying about what President Trump said during his phone call to the president of Ukraine. Schiff then held a dress rehearsal in the SCIF Room, where he auditioned witnesses in secret closed-door depositions. Other "fact witnesses" include people like David Holmes who preposterously claimed to have overheard a private phone call, not on speaker mode, between President Trump and Gordon Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union. CNN's Chris Cuomo unintentionally proved on live TV the absurdity of Holmes' claim. 

But sure. Asking Schiff how he and his office helped coordinated the whistleblower complaint might make this partisan impeachment look like a circus. 

For the record, Schiff did not tell Chris Wallace whether or not he would comply if called upon by the Senate to testify.