Epic Fail: CNN's Chris Cuomo Accepts Trump's Challenge And Immediately Regrets It

Posted: Nov 21, 2019 3:29 PM

So the speakerphone function exists for a reason. If people could overhear private conversations in a public restaurant, there would be no reason for a speakerphone function in the first place. 

But in his testimony before the House impeachment hearing on Thursday, David Holmes claimed that he overheard a phone conversation between President Trump and Gordon Sondland, ambassador to the European Union. Holmes claims he was able to overhear the private conversation despite the fact that the ambassador's phone had not been on speaker mode. 

An incredulous Trump tweeted during the hearing that, although he himself has great hearing, he has never been able to understand a conversation between two people when the phone had not been on speaker mode. Trump then encouraged the media to "Try it live!"

What must have seemed like a good idea to somebody who believes everything Trump says is a lie, CNN host Chris Cuomo accepted Trump's challenge. 

Live on-air, Cuomo called his mother and ran the experiment for the world to see. He immediately regretted it. 

Cuomo attempted to prove that his co-host Dana Bash could overhear the phone call to his mother.

Cuomo said, "... Mom, can you hear me?" 

Nothing but silence. 

Cuomo then holds the phone up closer to Dana's ear, something people would never do in private conversations. 

"I'm with Dana Bash . . . can you just say hello?" Cuomo asked. 

More awkward silence. 

"Mom? She probably can't hear me," Cuomo admitted. "Mom can you hear me?"

Cuomo then puts his mother on speakerphone, at which point his mother can finally be heard on the other end. 

While still on speakerphone Cuomo again holds up the phone for Dana Bash, telling his mother to say "hello to Dana Bash" before turning the phone back off speaker mode.

"Hi Mrs. Cuomo," Bash says.

Deafening silence. 

"How are you," Bash tries again. 

A frustrated Cuomo finally gives up, and Bash can't help but laugh at Cuomo's epic fail. 

The whole studio was silent, microphones were everywhere, and Bash still couldn't overhear Cuomo's mother when the phone wasn't in speaker mode.

Another panelist was quick to add, "I can't hear your mother, Chris." 

What a sham, and the Democrats think they can overturn an election based on this?