Journalist Andy Ngo Harassed By Antifa Thugs on Halloween

Posted: Nov 01, 2019 2:45 PM

Antifa members didn't need to do much costume shopping for Halloween this year. The violent leftist group wears masks and terrorizes people all year round. According to Andy Ngo, editor at large at The Post Millennial, six Antifa thugs showed up outside his home on Halloween night. The journalist tweeted images and video of the six men who Mr. Ngo claims wore print-out masks of the journalist's face, pounded on a window, and recorded footage of the journalist's home. 

Back in June, Antifa members attacked Mr. Ngo during a protest in Portland. At the time, Ngo was an editor for Quillette and frequently covered Antifa protests and gatherings. According to Ngo, Portland Antifa members struck the journalist in the head multiple times, stole his GoPro camera, and threw a milkshake and other items at Ngo during an attack. Ngo posted photos of himself during and after the incident, and Mr. Ngo said he was "hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage" as a result of his injuries. 

In November 2018, an Antifa mob ascended upon the home of Fox News Host Tucker Carlson. The group, "Smash Racism DC", was heard chanting threats like "Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!" and “Racist scumbag, leave town!” The group also posted Carlson's home address on Twitter. Carlson said his wife, who was home that night, locked herself in the pantry and called police. Carlson said the Antifa mob broke his front door and that discussion of a pipe bomb was captured on Carlson's home security footage. 

Antifa violence has largely been dismissed by the mainstream media. Earlier this month, Antifa thugs attacked Trump supporters attending a Trump rally in Minneapolis. While the media demands that Republican politicians denounce extremist groups, with which Republicans have no connection, the media ignores Democrats who support Antifa and even participate in Antifa protests.