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Vile: Antifa Thugs Attack Journalist Andy Ngo Multiple Times; UPDATE: New Details About The Attack Released

Paul Kitagaki Jr./The Sacramento Bee via AP

UPDATE (9:50 p.m. EST):

Journalist Ngo is reportedly still in the hospital as a result of injuries sustained during the attacks against him. 


A reporter from the Williamette Week asked Portland Police about the "milkshakes made of cement." According to PPD, they received an "anonymous" email with the recipe for the milkshakes. The email confirms that cement mix was in the recipe.

Conservative firebrand Michelle Malkin shared a different point of view of the attack:

She also launched a GoFundMe campaign for Ngo.

From Malkin:

Please help raise money for his security and medical needs, and to help him replace his stolen equipment. Every cent goes directly to Andy.

I said during my CPAC speech earlier this year that we need to stand with those reporting and fighting on the front lines. Andy is one of the intrepid journalists doing the job no one else will do. 

I've been in touch with him and he has given me the green light to create this fund. All funds will help him continue his invaluable work. We need him back in action ASAP.

And if you work in law enforcement or private security, please contact me directly to help form an effective security plan to keep Andy safe.


As of now, $124,000 of a $50,000 goal has been raised.


Antifa attacked journalist Andy Ngo at a protest in Portland on Saturday. Ngo, an editor for Quillette, frequently covers the leftist group's rallies and protests. 

Ngo shared a video of police asking him questions about the attack and checking his body for wounds. According to Ngo, Antifa protestors hit him in the back of the head multiple times, threw a milkshake at him and stole his GoPro camera.

Ngo took to Twitter to ask for any video or photographic evidence of the attack taking place.

Ngo was taken to the hospital, where photographic evidence was taken.

It turns out The Oregonian reporter Jim Ryan got the attack on video:


"Get the f*ck out of here!" one man yelled.

"F*cking owned, b*tch!" another man yelled as Ngo walked away.

Ngo was attacked multiple times on Saturday. Earlier in the day Antifa threw a milkshake at him while filming live on Periscope.

Milkshakes were pretty popular at the event.

Following the protest, the Portland Police department revealed that anyone who was "milkshaked" needed to come forward. Antifa mixed quick-drying cement in the "milkshakes."

Before the rally even began, Ngo had a target on his back. He shared a link to Antifa's Facebook event page, showing the group wanted a "physical confrontation" with Ngo. The reason? Ngo has also covered Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys' rallies.


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