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COVID Lockdowns Are Winding Down in Some Democratic-run States. Here's Why.

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

Now that President Joe Biden is in the White House, Democrats who have locked down their states over the last year suddenly feel the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is no longer worth closing down for.


Govs. Gretchen Whitmer (MI) and Andrew Cuomo (NY) have said restaurants and bars can reopen. 

Michigan was one of the most locked-down states in the nation. Whitmer went so far as to ban Michiganders from making "unnecessary" purchases while they shopped. Things like garden seeds were on that very list.

Between Feb. 1 and 21, restaurants can reopen at 25 percent capacity with a maximum of 100 people in attendance. They do, however, have to close by 10 p.m. and tables must be six feet apart, with no more than six people per table, The Detroit News reported. Owners are also responsible for collecting diners' contact information, should the health department need to conduct contact tracing.

"The science around this virus is settled, and if we can all wear masks and be very smart about congregating, and not do it unless it's necessary, washing our hands, doing that social distancing, we will be in a strong position in a few weeks," Whitmer said during a press conference. "And we'll be able to do more. That's the hope but the reality of this moment is that wearing masks and being smart is going to have to be how we operate for quite a while."

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (NY) had similar concerns, saying the state has to reopen.

“We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass,” Cuomo said. “We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely."


Restaurants throughout the state are allowed to reopen at 50 percent capacity, as long as their area is in the "orange zone." New York City, however, has an outright ban on indoor dining because of its population size," POLITICO reported.

What suddenly made these two wake up and realize that lockdowns don't work? Was it the months of stringent rules or the fact that President Biden is now in office? The fact that they waited until a Biden-Harris administration tells you all you need to know. Democrats have used the virus as a political weapon.

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