Freshman Congressman Peter Meijer Believes He May Have Committed 'Political Suicide'

Posted: Jan 17, 2021 6:35 PM

Freshman Congressman Peter Meijer (R-MI) on Sunday acknowledged that he may have committed "political suicide" by voting alongside nine other Republicans and the entire Democratic Caucus to impeach President Donald Trump. The House brought about an article of impeachment against Trump for the "incitement of insurrection." 

"You said your vote may have been political suicide. That caught the attention of one of the president's advisors, Jason Miller, who retweeted it. Are you concerned you ended your career with that vote?" George Stephanopoulos asked.

"I may very well have," Meijer said nonchalantly. "But it's also important that we have elected leaders who are not thinking solely about what's in their individual self-interest, not what is going to be politically expedient, but what we actually need for the country."

"It's not lost on me that I hold the seat that Gerald Ford held from 1948 to 1973. He committed a courageous act when he pardoned Richard Nixon but it ended his political career going forward," Meijer explained. "Obviously I don't want to follow in terms of the next election but I want to make sure we have leaders in office who are focusing on the fact that we're a nation a laws, not a nation of men and that we're putting the interest of the country first rather than their own political careers."