Why Bernie Sanders Says Trump Is Being 'Unbelievably Cruel'

Posted: Dec 27, 2020 11:10 AM
Why Bernie Sanders Says Trump Is Being 'Unbelievably Cruel'

Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

President Donald Trump made clear last week that he would not sign the $900 billion Wuhan coronavirus relief bill that passed in both chambers of Congress. He said he wanted Congress to get rid of the wasteful pork spending found in the bill and bump direct cash payments up to $2,000 per person, up from the $600 both chambers agreed to.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), alongside Sen. Josh Hawley (R-IA), has been a proponent of providing Americans with $2,000 in direct cash payments. Despite that, he disagrees with the president's decision not to sign the $900 billion relief bill. 

"What the president is doing right now is unbelievably cruel," Sanders told ABC's Jon Karl. "Many millions of people are losing their extended unemployment benefits. They're going to be evicted from their apartments because the eviction moratorium is ending."

Sanders mentioned that not only are direct cash payments part of the bill but so is funding for COVID vaccine distribution. 

"The president is diddling around and may actually veto it," he said. "My view is, given the terrible economic crisis facing this country – yes, we do need to get $2,000 out to every working class individual in this country, $500 for their kid – but you can't diddle around with the bill."

He made a direct plea to President Trump to sign the bill into law.

"Sign the bill, Mr. President, and then immediately, Monday [or] Tuesday, we can pass a $2,000 direct payment to the working class families of this country," Sanders explained.