The 'Welcome to Texas' Greeting Biden's Bus Tour Received But Wasn't Anticipating

Posted: Oct 31, 2020 12:05 PM
The 'Welcome to Texas' Greeting Biden's Bus Tour Received But Wasn't Anticipating

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The Biden campaign on Friday decided to cancel a bus tour in Texas after a long line of Trump supporters with decked out cars and trucks coordinated to follow the bus. The tour bus made a brief appearance in Downtown Austin before the lid was called. Apparently this would take away from vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris' stump in the Lone Star State.

According to CBS Austin, the Texas Democrats were planning to have Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Austin Mayor Steve Adler, and Wendy Davis stumping on behalf of the Democratic ticket.

"There are Trump supporters that have showed up behind the Biden-Harris bus that has been traveling all over the country. We were told by the chair of the Travis County Party for the Democrats that these Trump supporters have been following the Biden bus all over the country. We were also told by the Democratic Party that it's the same 12 cars. They've been heckling and screaming about Biden being a Chinese communist," the local reporter said during an on-air segment. 

The richest part of this entire ordeal is that historian Eric Cervini flew down to Texas to help out with the bus tour and was met by Trump supporters who trolled the Biden campaign. 

According to Cervini, Trump supporters were trying to "ambush" the bus.

The craziest part of this assessment is that Cervini makes the argument that this event is somehow similar to Hitler and the Third Reich.

And, of course, he instantly had to go to "RUSSIA!" because that's what Democrats always go back to. 

Earlier in the week Texans in Fort Worth also trolled the bus. Looks pretty peaceful to me:

As Kambree said, this isn't about people being intimidated. This is about a lack of enthusiasm and support for Democrats in Texas. Remember: they thought they were going to flip the Lone Star State blue.

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