Sleepy Joe: I Can Bring Cops and 'Peaceful Protestors' Together!

Posted: Oct 05, 2020 9:40 PM
Sleepy Joe: I Can Bring Cops and 'Peaceful Protestors' Together!

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Former Vice President Joe Biden has repeatedly defended so-called "peaceful protestors," you know, the violent mobs that set up police-free zones in Seattle, burned parts of Kenosha and heckled people all across America. Instead of condemning their violence and standing up for the men and women in blue, Biden has gone to bat for these thugs. 

After all that, Biden, for whatever reason, believes that he can bridge the cap between law enforcement and the violent mob.

"I'm going to do what I've done in the past: I'm going to bring all these interests together: peaceful protestors, police chiefs, police officers, the police unions as well as the civil rights group – in the White House," he explained during a town hall on Monday night. "And sit down and decide what are the things that need to be done to improve and help police officers?"

"I'm the only one who's talked about increasing police budgets. When your husband goes on a call that is, in fact, a 911 call, is better if he or she has with them a psychologist or psychiatrist with them, someone who knows how to deal with someone who's not all there," the former vice president explained. 

Biden said he also wants to see a large chunk of change thrown at "community policing." 

"The idea is you get the police, you get the law enforcement together, with the community, so they know one another," he said. "Because that kid walking across the street with a hoodie on may be the next [inaudible]. It doesn't mean that child is going to be trouble."

If Biden was this great unifier, why have police unions endorsed President Trump? If Biden had cops' back, why are they giving him a cold shoulder? If Biden was all about protecting communities, why didn't he try to bridge the divide earlier in the year, like after the death of George Floyd? Instead, he remained silent. He said nothing. And when he was asked about rioters, he called them "peaceful" (even though they were looting, burning down buildings and rioting). 

What's he trying to do now? Play both sides of the coin. He's trying to say he supports the men and women who make up our law enforcement agencies but he also backs rioters. He's trying to say that he is somehow a leader who has this unique ability to bring everyone together from all sides of the aisle and the issue. And that couldn't be further from the truth.