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President Trump Just Received Good News About One Swing State

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

With a little less than one month until Election Day, all eyes are on key swing states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. The Republican National Committee and the Trump Campaign are doing everything in their power to make sure Americans are registered to vote, especially as more states move to voting-by-mail due to the Wuhan coronavirus.

Back in 2016, President Trump won the swing state of Florida with roughly 113,000 votes. Now, it looks as though Trump can – and will – win in Florida with an even wider margin.

"When Donald Trump won Florida in 2016, [there were] 340,000 more registered Democrats than registered Republicans,” Gov. Ron DeSantis told Breitbart News Daily. “As of the close of books on August, I think we’re down to a deficit of 180,000, and that’s as close as Republicans have ever been in the history of voter registration in the state of Florida. Already in September, the numbers we’re getting look like Republicans are far outpacing [Democrats]."

“I think that’s true in all these swing states, [such as] Pennsylvania, [and] we’re seeing the same in North Carolina," DeSantis explained. "So the president’s going to have an electorate that is more Republican than the one he had in 2016, and I think that’s probably the biggest story of all.”

One of the biggest wins Trump is likely to see though will take place in Miami-Dade County, an area that is heavily blue. According to DeSantis, the president has connected with Cuban Americans and Venezuelans, particularly over the issue of socialism. It's because of those connections that "he’s going to win Hispanics in Miami-Dade County.”

“I think if he holds the support throughout the rest of the state, he’s going to be in good shape,” DeSantis added. “Most of the people who are coming here are registering as Republicans. You see that in the voter registration, and so, our electorate is always in flux here, but I think it’s in flux in favor of the president over the last four years.”


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