Here's What President Trump Plans to Make a Priority in His Second Term

Posted: Sep 08, 2020 8:45 PM
Here's What President Trump Plans to Make a Priority in His Second Term

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

During a rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Tuesday, President Donald Trump on explained what his goals and priorities are should he win a second term in November.

He promised to provide every parent across the nation with school choice, renegotiating trade deals and turning "America into the manufacturing super power," which would end the country's reliance on China and cause wages to skyrocket.

"We will bring our companies back home where they should be," Trump explained. "And I've been doing a lot of it but we're going to do it at a level nobody ever thought possible."

The president promised to continue hiring law enforcement officers around the country and place prosecutors in "high crime communities." He stated Americans would receive benefits before illegal aliens and sanctuary cities would come to an end.

According to the president, illegal aliens flock to the United States when they're given "free health care, free lawyers and free college and free everything."

"We want people to come to our country but they have to come here through merit and they have to come in legally," Trump said. "Very simple."

The president promised to appoint judges and justices who are committed to upholding the law, protecting the sanctity of life and Americans' right to keep and bear arms. He also said price transparency for medical bills will come to fruition on January 1.

"We will strike down terrorists who threaten our citizens and we will keep America out of ridiculous foreign wars," he said, mentioning that the military would be "built up." 

Even though Trump said he doesn't want to go to war, he wants to make sure the military has the tools and equipment they need should the need arise. 

"A vote for Republicans is a vote for safe communities, great jobs, and a limitless future for all Americans," the president said.