WATCH: BLM Leader Rallies the Crowd By Talking About Putting 'Police in the F**king Grave'

Posted: Aug 30, 2020 11:55 AM


On Saturday night, a Black Lives Matter leader in Washington, D.C., rallied up his "protesters" by encouraging them to become violent with police officers.

"I'm at the point where I'm ready to put these police in the f**king grave. I'm at the point where I want to burn the f**king White House down. I want to take it to the senators. I want to take it to the Congress. I want to take the fight to them," he yelled into a microphone. "And, at the end of the day, if they ain't going to hear us, we burn them the f**k down."

"I'm one that talk real s**t. I talked it in New York and I'm talking it in D.C. The same way I f**ked up police in New York, I'll f**k cops up here in D.C. The same way I busted police in the head in New York, I'll bust police in the head in D.C.," he warned.

He went on to issue a warning to other protesters.

"Let's be honest. There's a lot of people that's on this front line. And one of the things that I always say: don't get on this f**king front line if you ain't going to f**king fight," he yelled. Don't get on this front line if you ain't going to take some hits. Don't get on this front line when the f**king police push back. If you gonna be on this front line and the racist a**, nasty a**, punk a** f**king police pushing up, you push the f**k up."

This is the anti-law enforcement, anti-law and order sentiment that the Left is completely okay with. The Left is okay with mobs ruling and threatening them. This guy said Congress better do what these people say or else they'll be "burned down" too.

How many people have to get hurt, how many cities have to be set ablaze and looted, before Democrats stop calling these "peaceful protestors" and start calling them the rioting thugs they are? Apparently, it's not an issue until it happens to them or their loved ones.