WATCH: RNC Chairwoman Explains the Real Problem the GOP Has with Mail-In Voting

Posted: Aug 23, 2020 3:15 PM
WATCH: RNC Chairwoman Explains the Real Problem the GOP Has with Mail-In Voting

Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

One of the issues we've heard a lot about as we head into the November election is whether or not states can confidently handle mail-in voting. It was a question that ABC News' Margaret Brennan had for RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. 

"I want to ask you about the election itself. The president has said he expects this to be one of the most fraudulent – if not the most fraudulent – in history. He's against mail-in ballots but the Republican Party in Iowa has mailed absentee ballots to voters," Brennan explained. "POLITICO is reporting Pennsylvania, the GOP website is promoting vote by mail. Similar situation in Ohio. Why is the Republican Party promoting something that the president says he's against?"

"There is a very really difference between states that have tried and true absentee processes that have been in place and tested and work verses states like Nevada that, 90 days out from an election, have completely upended their entire election protocol and put chaos into their process because they haven't tested it and it isn't certain," McDaniel explained. "Why are they doing that?"

Brennan explained that the United States Postal Service has said they can handle an influx in ballots send via mail. According to the RNC chairwoman, the issue isn't with the USPS itself but the verification process.

"It's not about just the post office, Margaret. It's that they're sending ballots to unverified voter rolls," McDaniel said. "I just talked to a voter this week who has said she received three ballots for a different woman at her address, a person who has never lived there."

McDaniel said that in California and Nevada, ballots are being sent to residents without any verification. It's live ballots, not ballot request forms. The RNC has also sued states that are changing their voting processes less than 90 days from the presidential election. 

This isn't the first time we've heard of people receiving multiple ballots. In fact, earlier this year, former Fox News correspondent Adam Housley received two in California. A reporter in Pennsylvania experimented with a mock election and three percent of all ballots were lost in the mail. And 20 percent of New Jersey's mail-in elections were plagued with fraud.