Oklahoma Town Honors 2020 High School Graduates In a Heartfelt Way

Posted: Apr 25, 2020 8:00 PM
Oklahoma Town Honors 2020 High School Graduates In a Heartfelt Way

Source: Sam Roberts/The Times-News via AP

The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has forced schools across the nation to close. High school seniors are missing out on their final semester, with big events like prom and graduation typically taking place this time of year.

The City of Davis, Oklahoma decided to celebrate the class of 2020 by having banners with each graduate's name and picture printed. They hung them from light posts along the road.

"The thoughts were, you know we already have the athletic banners that we've done for a while now that are always a major success,” Trey Owens, Davis High School principal, told FOX 25. “So, we were thinking why can't we just do the same thing for every senior, since it's not just the sports teams that lost their seasons, but these kids have lost so much."

Valerie Betterton, the owner of Legacy Photo who took the pictures, said several other school districts were contemplating doing something similar.

"Within the past week, I've made banners that either have been given to the seniors that have been hanging up downtown so people can drive by and see them,” Betterton said. “Had a school do large banners they hang up on their chain link fence."

The City took to Facebook to thank the vinyl company and the public works department for making the vision a reality.

Happy graduation, seniors! Things will be looking up in no time!