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AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton opened up about the 2020 Democratic field and, in particular, her thoughts on Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) during an interview on Tuesday about her new Hulu documentary. 


"As you well know, just in the last 24 hours several prominent Democrats have endorsed Joe Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden. Among them Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg," ABC News' Lindsey Davis said. "I know you said you want to let the process play out, but just curious, do you plan to endorse and if so, what's the advantage in waiting?"

"Well, look. I think that the process is finally moving forward," Clinton replied. "You know, only like four or five percent of the people whose views are going to be voted on have actually had a chance to express themselves. So there's a long way to go. Today, obviously, is a big day. So I'm just watching and hoping we nominate whoever is the strongest candidate to take out the current incumbent. That's the only thing that matters at the end of the day."

One of the things that has continually come up is Sanders flipflopping on a brokered convention. In 2016 he said he didn't believe the person with the most delegates should immediately be deemed the nominee if they don't meet the number of delegates needed. For 2020 that number is 1,991 delegates.


"And, really quickly, just curious to get your response to hearing that Bernie Sanders said that if he makes it to the convention with the most pledged delegates that he should be the nominee. That's quite a bit of a change to his stance in 2016," Davis said.

Hillary burst into laugher.

"Your reaction?" Davis asked.

"My reaction is let's follow the rules. We've got rules. We had rules last time and we have rules this time and I think it's always a good idea to follow the rules," she replied, smirking. "Everybody knew what they were when they got into it."

Davis quoted a part of the documentary in which Clinton discusses her thoughts on Sanders and his supporters. Clinton said her "authentic opinion" about Sanders' campaign, both in 2016 and now, is that she felt sorry that people "got sucked into" it. 

"Here's one of the saddest things happening right now. The House of Representatives, under Democratic leadership, has passed 400 bills on really important issues, on everything from health care to economic security to election security. It just goes on and on. Does anyone know that? Of course not, Linsey," the former Secretary of State explained. "Change is hard. It doesn't fit into a soundbite and yet the people who were elected in 2018 are down there doing the people's work and I just think we ought to be more understanding and realistic about what it takes to get change in this big, complicated, pluralistic democracy of ours. And it's not easy but boy is it ever worth it. And I just want voters to know it can be done if they just give the White House back to the Democrats."


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