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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Sunday told Fox News' Martha Bartiromo he believes the FBI covering up their spying on the Trump campaign is a "modern day Watergate."


"If you pause for one moment and read this IG report by [Michael] Horowitz, here's the FBI, they broke into President Trump, at the time candidate Trump's campaign, spied on him and then they covered it up. It is a modern day Watergate. And you got Democrats who aren't even willing to look into that," McCarthy explained. "That is the area we should be look into. It's a modern day coup, the closest this country has ever came to but the only way you can compare this to is Watergate. They broke into his campaign by bringing people into it. They have been trying to cover it up for the whole time. Now the question rises just like Watergate. Who knew? When did they know it? And how high did this go up?"

Bartiromo followed by asking McCarthy about the Democrats continually changing messaging and narrative.

"Democrats are able to change the narrative on you and your colleagues over and over again. You had exposed what took place in the 2016 election. You exposed how Donald Trump was framed, the informants, the leaks, et cetera, and yet here we are talking about impeachment. What are you going to do about, that they keep changing the narrative and the conversation on you?" she asked.

According to McCarthy, the Democrats used Adam Schiff's position as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee to "write a FISA report that now, we saw from that report, is totally false" and vindicated Devin Nunes.


But the most interesting aspect, according to the House Minority Leader, is how Democrats continually move the goal posts, especially on the impeachment front.

"We now watch the House of Representatives change standards of the House on how we dealt with impeachment so they could try to move one forward. They withheld witnesses from the minority. They withheld even how we could question inside our own committees," he explained. "They run this impeachment through, and remember what the Constitution says. impeachment is a process when you’re trying to impeach a duly elected president. It’s not merely one vote."

"What Nancy Pelosi is doing today is unacceptable and unconstitutional, and she will not be able to sustain this position," McCarthy said. "She will eventually have to name managers and send this to the Senate."

Bartiromo asked McCarthy who Americans should expect to see as House impeachment managers. He said he believes Democrats will tap House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Committee member Jamie Raskin to lead the Democrats' impeachment trial.

"Now, you don't get managers on the Republican side, but the president could have representation, that he’s probably going to hire an attorney to represent him. Maybe he uses the White House, but I believe he should have help from the House," McCarthy explained. "These individuals that have worked through this that could give advice, and others. I would go to John Ratcliffe, former U.S. attorney, that has done an amazing job. I’d go to Jim Jordan. I’d go to Doug Collins. These are individuals that I would actually pull in if I was in the White House, because we have been at this."


Although the House of Representatives passed two articles of impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to send those articles to the Senate.

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