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Whoa: Bloomberg Claps Back at His News Employees Not Being Allowed to Investigate Him or Other Dems

Just before Thanksgiving, Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait sent out a memo to the news organizations' employees saying the newsroom will not investigate 2020 Democrats. Instead, they will focus their time and energy investigating President Donald Trump. 


Apparently reporters at the leftist news outlet took issue with the order. 

Gayle King asked Bloomberg about the gripe on “CBS This Morning" by citing one of President Trump's tweets:

“What’s your response to what he said?” King asked.

The former New York City mayor defended the work his news team has done.

"I think people have said to me, 'How can you investigate yourself?' And I said, 'I don’t think you can.' But if you take a look at the Bloomberg News organization, we carry news from lots of different places, like New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post," he explained. "There’s plenty of ways for people to get news about the candidates if they look at Bloomberg News.

But when King pressed Bloomberg about his employees taking issue with the instruction, he clapped back, basically saying they get a paycheck and they need to do what they're told.


“You just have to learn to live with some things. They get a paycheck, and it comes from the company, and from the company that I started – not running at the moment; turned it over to somebody else to do that – but with with your paycheck comes some restrictions and responsibilities.”

Bloomberg is right... to an extent. His company is privately run. Whatever policies they put in place are done so at their discretion and employees know that when they take a job. That being said, Bloomberg can't claim his news organization is independent from him, that they thoroughly investigate and aren't impacted by whatever he himself is doing. This memo essentially kills that claim and confirms what conservatives have said all along: Bloomberg News is just another leftist "news" outlet with a political agenda. 

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