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Mayor Pete: Yes, My Health Care Plan Will Benefit Illegal Aliens

AP Photo/John Minchillo

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) on Sunday said during an interview that his "solution" to solving the health care problem is allowing anyone and everyone to purchase a plan under Medicare for All.

"So the most important thing for me is that we offer the opportunity for health care to all in our country and this includes the opportunity to buy this plan of Medicare for All, for all who want it," Buttigieg explained in a small diner. "That is our solution, and this opportunity to buy this plan is for everyone, regardless of their immigration status."

Here's the problem most Americans have with what Buttigieg said: allowing anyone to take part in a benefit – that is supposed to be solely for Americans – rewards people for coming to this country illegally. These are the types of benefits people in other countries know they will be given, as long as they can get to the United States. They know that the American taxpayer will feed, clothe and provide shelter for them and their children. It's why so many strive to make it to the United States.

Policies like Buttigieg's encourage people from countries all around the world to flock to the United States. Not only can they make a better life for themselves here, but we're promising to provide them with things, even if they aren't an American citizen. We're guaranteeing them the basic necessities, even if they broke the law and crossed the border illegally. Not only is it unfair to those who came here the right way – the legal way, by waiting in line – but having caravans full of people making their way to our border is a national security threat. We have no ability to vet them and make sure they aren't criminals or terrorists who are wanting to cause harm here in America.


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